How can I read more?

There are many different ways to read more.  You should read smart and I will give you some tips on how to do it. Always have in mind that you will get benefits from reading. The most important is JUST START READING. Do not let yourself to procrastinate. Don't leave things for tomorrow and start today. I would recommend you to read thing relating to health, wealth, love and happiness. Try non-fiction and bibliographies.  This type of books will help you more than reading fantasies.


Set a time

You need to decide a specific time to read. Morning, afternoon, at night it is your choice.  If you are a beginner start with five minutes a day. Our brain is like a muscle you'll get used to it! For example, you can read five minutes while you eat breakfast or before going to bed.

Time yourself

If you decided to read 5 minutes before going to bed. Take your smartphone and put on the timer. This way you won't read less or more than what you have decided.

Look for a comfortable place

A good way to read more is to find a comfortable place to read. You can do it laying on a sofa or just your most comfortable place.  Also get good illumination.

Have a bookmark

Bookmarks are a great way to remember where you stop reading.

Use a Highlighter

Never be afraid to write on books. Unless is bored. Circle or underline big concepts and make notes.

Have a backup

If you really like your book or is very important, downloaded to your smartphone.

Set a goal

Think why you are reading the book. If its a book that teaches you how to do something, then look for those key things. 80 percent of books or just supporting statements of the main ideas. That means that you need to be looking for that 20 percent of valuable knowledge.  Get on main idea every time you read.

skim through the book

Read the jacket or back of the book. Learn more about the author. This will give the book more authority and it will tell you why you should be reading that book.

Start reading

Read the first chapter and introductions because of the most important concepts are located here.  Then you will need to read the last chapter. Finally look for those chapters you want to know more.


You don't have to read the whole book. Just look for the important concepts that will give you the knowledge you need.

Based this overview on Tai Lopez tips for reading. If you might want to check out his website.