Importance of reading

Have you ever wonder "How can I read more?". If you have your not alone and its something that has a big search volume as per Google in the past five years. There is a huge value in being able to acquire information through books. Knowledge is very important to improve our lives.  A great way to learn is from people older than us and who have already accomplished the goals we want to achieve. Whether these are dead, alive or too busy to share their experiences with us. We want to know what they know, their opinions, and experiences.
It's not about how many books you read although volume is important. you might read 100 books but what kind of books are you reading. It's better to focus on 20 books that are relevant to whether it is you want in life. And read over and over again, until the knowledge from those 20 books becomes instinctual. It would be  better than reading a thousand books and not remembering what they were about. Ideally, 150 books would be the best. Based on Robin Dunbar investigations. The human brain is programmed to deal with no more than 150 different relationships.
You should consider reading classics, how-to, and bibliographies. You can have a classic, how-to, and biography on a health book.
Classics books: the Bible, Socrates, Darwin, winning friends and how to influence people.
How-to books: like the Dummies books, a book that just gives you and guides you step by step.
Bibliographies: give us the courage to face difficult situations and achieve your goals.



There have been great thinkers and successful people who have written books to share their knowledge. I think we all understand that the value of getting their wisdom. In life, you will face people who say that reading is not important.  I would say you ignore them.  There is no evidence to prove it and it might depend on what you are reading. In fact, there is more evidence that successful people dedicated time to reading. I believe that if you are reading this you also want to aspire to be important.
Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, Mahatma Gandhi are just a few examples of successful people. Warren Buffet  Said "The more you learn, the more you’ll earn." on an interview. The average successful people take 12 to 20 years and many people take a lifetime to see their dreams come true.  People spend the majority of their time trying to learn from their own mistakes. Instead they should learn from others people mistakes.
Let's say someone picks a rock from a fire and gets burned.  You are not going to pick a rock from the fire because you already know you are going to get burn. Humans have the capacity of assimilation, you don't have to make a mistake in order to avoid it. So if you want to shorten that time it will take you achieve yours, you might want to start learning from successful people
 This is an overview of what I have learned on the internet mainly from Tail Lopez you can check out his (twitter).