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Simon says.

 “Simon Says” is a memory game where “Simon” outputs a sequence of 10 characters (R, G, B, Y) and the user must repeat the sequence. Create a for loop that compares the two strings starting from index 0. For each match, add one point to userScore. Upon a mismatch, exit the loop using a break statement. Ex: The following patterns yield a userScore of 4:


simonPattern: RRGBRYYBGY
userPattern:  RRGBBRYBGY


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(void) {
 char simonPattern[50];
 char userPattern[50];
 int userScore;
 int i;

i = 0;
userScore = 0; strcpy(simonPattern, "RRGBRYYBGY"); strcpy(userPattern, "RRGBBRYBGY"); while (userPattern[i] == simonPattern[i]) { userScore = userScore + 1; ++i; if (userPattern[i] != simonPattern[i]) { break; } } printf("userScore: %d\n", userScore); return 0; }